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Přijďte si k nám zatrénovat

Otestujte si ZDARMA jak Vám budeme vyhovovat, a poté se můžete rozhodnout, jestli to s námi zkusíte.
Platnost rezervace je 14 dní.

Julie, Deal specialist

I wanted to exercise and in the same time to learn a few techniques of self-defense, just in case (we live in a cruel world...). I have googled it. I wanted wing chun specifically so I looked for training possibilities in Prague. I chose the best location for me (from work to the dojo and from home to the dojo – the closest). I didn’t have any expectations, I was hoping for a good teacher and one that would not push me too far over my limits.

I have found a very good teacher (in my opinion), one that does not focus only on the good students but also on the ones that are less talented when it comes to sports (like myself) . And despite the language barrier (for me).

I haven’t exercised in 20 years (since I have finished high school) and I was not a sporty girl (only good in gymnastics) even then, therefore I am completely out of shape, not flexible at all and not very coordinated either. I continue coming because I would like to get better physically and also because as I have mentioned above, I would like to be able to defend myself should the need arise (although I hope not :p).

I have also health issues and exercising helps.


15.05. Alice Bílková, manažerka

K Čchi-Kungu jsem se dostala na doporučení, protože jsem se…

15.05. Julie, Deal specialist

I wanted to exercise and in the same time to learn a few…

15.05. Jakub Novák, manažer

Cvičení vietnamského stylu Kung-Fu „Wing Chunu Kuen Phai“…

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